What are the advantages of using SMS Gateway for sending/receiving text messages?

The SMS gateway enable a system to send or receive an SMS from a telecommunications network. Almost every SMS gateway support the conversion of media from email and other formats.There are different types of SMS gateways are available which are based on the extension to the ETSI global system for mobile communication. The demand of remote monitoring system is increased because it can find whether a certain server is responding or not and can send SMS alert to the system administrator’s mobile phone.

As we know that the wireless carrier does not provide direct SMS gateway or SMSC access to users, therefore, some companies come out to resolve this problem. These companies are known as SMS service providers. Through these service provider companies, you can purchase any amount of SMS because there is no monthly minimum usage requirement for many SMS service providers.



These SMS service providers are also known as SMS resellers, SMS gateway providers, and SMS brokers. SMS gateway is integrated with their respective API to send Bulk SMS to their respective database. MSG91 SMS Gateway API provides an effective and seamless experience and service by combining with SMS API solution. With the help of this integration, they provide a better means of communication between SMS gateway and service which allow users to send or receive bulk SMS.

The other benefits of using SMS Gateway it that it can deliver SMS with a second which directly improves the communication between a company and their customers. The network coverage of most of the companies are very good because of this they cover many wireless networks to makes their services more attractive. Some SMS gateway providers can also send SMS messages to CDMA and TDMA wireless networks.

It is very easy to send SMS messages through SMS Gateway. Here we mentioned steps by step method to send bulk SMS:

1 First of all register in the SMS service provider’s website. (Some of the SMS gateway providers provide free bulk SMS service, it is good to avoid such type of services because in free bulk SMS service you can not get the good delivery rate of SMS)

2 Log into the account by entering valid username and password

3 Buy credits for SMS text messages online.

4 Then send SMS messages to your database.