Voice SMS is a technology by virtue of which you can send bulk voice calls to any telephone (landline) or mobile user and the user will be able to hear the pre-recorded messages easily. The Voice SMS system has the capability to dial out the required cluster of phone numbers and play the recorded messages to the end users to measure the response of the bulk SMS service drive. In modern era, the marketers are moving toward the voice broadcasting to target the huge crowd. The Voice SMS Services are also being broadcasted in various languages to attract the customers by giving it a regional touch.



Voice Sms Service Features

  • Bulk SMS Club Voice SMS platform is compatible with large set of integrated highlights which are fully customized according to customers need.
  • Bulksmsclub Voice Sms Feature provides bulk voice SMS broadcasting, immediate response to bulk voice broadcasting and mobile number filtration as per DNC (Do not Call)
  • Voice SMS campaigns according to time setting and scheduling at predetermined date and unification of not only inbound calls but also outbound calls with third party applications.

Voice Sms Format

Brand Promotion

  • Hello! Welcome to //. We are glad to serve you. For any query regarding / please press/.

Election Campaign

  • Heartily welcome to / party. We are dedicated for the people. For support us just press / sign. Use your vote for the right candidate.

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