Send SMS using Windows Application

It is very easy to send SMS using windows applications only you will need a web API. For sending SMS messages from your windows or web form application you will need a web API. There are some websites which provide web API for free. Here I will show you how to use them and send messages to a mobile network using the API. In this article, I am going to tell you how to send SMS with the help of the C# application.I will be using MSG91 web API to send messages from my application. With the help of C# application, we can create a simple windows form which will trigger the API and successfully send the SMS.

Here we are using simple REST API which is easily available in the market. You can also use free trial version of REST API. Choose reliable and faster web API and also check their support team provides.You can also choose MSG91 API for sending SMS through window application.

1.To start with MSG91 website, go with its free demo account and register in it with your email address.

2. After that, two boxes will appear on your screen titled Statistics and Services

3. Click on Technical API Option from services and then click on HTTP API which will be required to send SMS.

4.After clicking on the HTTP API, another page will open on your screen having API list

5. Now, create windows form application. After creating a simple windows form application, fill username, password, phone number and message then click on send button.

6 Add System.web from the assembly list because it is required to add the WebClient to use the API and download the response.

7. Retrieve text input from the user, i.e. the Username, User password, Text Message and phone number and use this information as the URL params to the Service API of the MSG91.

8. Then check the response after sending the message.