Send SMS Over IP

If you want to send SMS over IP then there are many ways through which you can send Bulk SMS over internet. Most of the popular ways are:

* Integrate SMSC of mobile carriers directly via SMPP protocol

* By connecting IP with SMS aggregation service like MSG91

It is good to install an SMS service with IP SMS connectivity because it allows a user to send bulk SMS in a very short period of time. You can connect this type of system directly to the SMS Center of a GSM service provider so that you can send a huge amount of messages.

SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway

What do you need to send SMS over IP?

You will need following things to send SMS over IP

* You have to purchase SMS subscription from an SMS service provider, so that you can connect with the mobile network to transfer SMS messages by using HTTP, SMPP, CIMD2, and UCP.

* Internet connection minimum 64 Kbps speed

* Computer with Windows operation system

* MSG91 SMS Gateway

* ADSL, Cable modem, and T1

Note: Choose traffic package which offers affordable text message prices.

With the help of above-mentioned things, you can build a proper setup to send bulk SMS with the help of internet. It is good to send SMS by direct connection to the SMSC because it has several advantages such as:

* You can target large audience in a short time and you can easily modify the number sender.

* You can track the delivery of SMS

* It is cheaper for those who worked with great volumes of messages

* This method of sending SMS is faster and more reliable than the alternative solution

* With the help of MSG91 SMS Gateway you can directly connect with SMSC over the Internet. You can use this option only if you signed the contract with your GSM service provider to give a direct access to its SMSC.

After completing the formalities of contract, you will receive the IP address, username, password and a port number of a service provider. Then they will ask you to set up a VPN connection to their service. To send and receive SMS messages, you will require an SMS protocol like UCP, SMPP, and CIMD2. You can use multiple protocols simultaneously to send and receive SMS.

All the above information will help you to send SMS over IP.