Send Bulk SMS On Android SMS APP Using API From Another Provider

Nowadays, bulk SMS service becomes a crucial source of business interaction, revenue, and feedback that all the application developers gravely need in this highly competitive environment.

There are many mobile apps that are designed without SMS functionality because of this they are not able to build a high-conversion list for repeat sales.

Bulk SMS service had a power that can remarkably boost your sales, customer interactions and the repeated use of your app. Here we mentioned some steps through which you can easily integrate bulk SMS API with your android SMS app.

Bulk SMS service provides you unmeasurable benefits against popular android apps that are currently running on the market. Many android apps continue to update their features and attract the audience. According to the research, one person has only 65 apps on their phone and when they downloaded the app, they need help to used it repeatedly. For sending, bulk SMS on android SMS APP first choose the right messaging company so that you can target large audience successfully. MSG91 is one of the growing service provider company that provides reliable messages package so that its user have access global networks that will keep their customers in touch at all times. It is good to evaluate the company from which you are going to work. Before taking bulk SMS service make sure that your provider is providing following features:

1. Network reach

2. SMS reliability

3.Proper professional support

4 24*7Customer service

5 Secure and stable service

There are many companies which provide API for sending bulk SMS on android SMS app. These companies provide global text messaging service to their social networking clients with SMS alerts on transactions. Most of the companies provide email to SMS to send booking alerts to their customers.

After selecting the best service provider company, you have to choose ideal SMS API to use in your campaigns. The SMS API provides an interface to the apps so that it can connect with SMS service provider that allow accessing their gateway. With the help of this gateway, a user can send and receive SMS transmissions and services. After choosing API, it is important to link your customer database with the system. User’s need to configure the API so that they can accept connections from their application. For this connection, use a simple web-based interface. With all these configurations, you can manage your API connections and can monitor your campaigns effectively. After all this setup,

integrate your system with your SMS messaging company so that your bulk SMS service is properly fit with your app goals. When you configured your API settings in your system, your system is ready to send messages to the appropriate events. The user can use any other programming language to design a code that can interact with your API.

Hope all the above-mentioned tips will help you to send bulk SMS on Android SMS app using API from another provider.