Send Bulk SMS From Database

Sending bulk SMS for free is not a profitable way to promote your business because these SMS have a low delivery rate. If the messages are not delivered or not delivered on time then there is no point to sent it and it is waste of time, money as well as the database. We run SMS campaign so that we can target larger audience but when our SMS quality is poor than we can nor even target our database clients. So it is good to go with paid service of Bulk SMS because they have high delivery rates and others feature to promote the business.

Send Bulk SMS From Database

Send Bulk SMS From Database

MSG91 is one of the renown services provider company which provides SMS having highest delivery rates. Because of their high SMS delivery rate and amazing features, many renown companies are taking their services to send OTP’s to their customers. The features of MSG91 service provider company are:

1 Their SMS delivery rate is faster than the other service provider companies

2 Their SMS are trackable

3 They allow sending images, brochures, word documents in their SMS service

4 Surveys

5 Ticketing

With the help of MSG91 Excel plugin, their customers can send SMS from their database. Here we mentioned step by step method to send Bulk SMS from database

1 First of all download the Excel sheet to SMS plugin

2 Sign up your account and add credits

3 Go to this page from Office Store

4 Then click on ‘Add’ button

5 After that click on Open in Excel’ which downloads an excel sheet

6 Open the excel sheet and click on ‘Enable editing’

7 Click on ‘Trust this add-in’ button to finish the installation

8 Connect to the MSG91 account using an API key.

Hope all the above-mentioned information will help you to send Bulk SMS from database