Bulk SMS Club IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Solution

What is an IVR?

The definition of IVR states that “Interactive Voice Response (IVR)” is a combination of voice telephone input and touch-tone keypad selection that communicates with callers, collects information and routes the calls to the pertinent recipient and come up with suitable responses in the form of voice, call back, fax, e-mail and on other media as well. Diverse applications such as bank and stock account balances, polls office call routing, transfers surveys, selective information look up (movie schedule, booking schedules), simple order entry transactions are included in an IVR. The main remarkable application is pre-recorded voice responses for the appropriate situations and proficient to record voice input for later handing.

What is the utility of an IVR?

Let acquaint you with utility of IVR. Few points are stated below that will definitely influence you for using an IVR software.



Respond the call at the first ring

In this era, time is an important factor in one’s success. If you believe in time management then IVR software will help you out to manage your call flow and will be helpful in time saving. Now let’s have an example: Take an assumption that on an average a person picks up a call in 3 rings to 5 rings every time. These 3 rings take 12 seconds and assume that if you receive 70 to 150 calls or more than that in working time suppose 8 hrs and picks up the call after 3 rings every time (assumed), you misspent (150 × 12 = 1800 seconds) 30 minutes in total of yours as well as of your callers also and in total it makes 1 hour! It is not possible for humans to pick a call in 1 ring; But IVR is the solution which picks up the call always at the first ring without any error.

Enhance your automated services to your customers and callers

For having very efficient workflow, you have installed very refined software’s in your office and also having the profit of that also. If you enhance your automated services for the customers or callers that will give remarkable impact on them and it will be profitable for you also. Use the automated IVR Software and serves your all information about the company, contact details, services offered explicitly like investment, business to business etc.

Use the IVR 24*7*365

Using the IVR Services will be available for your customers and callers for 24 hours in day, 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year without any failure. The customers and callers will be at the first priority that should be a golden rule of success for any company which can be completed by using IVR Number. Your office will be opened for 24 hours a day which is the motive of IVR India. Even in case of emergency it will interact with the delegated person. Even depend upon installed IVR it will provide the instructions to caller in case of emergency.

Multilingual and personalized greetings as an accomplishment of IVR

An IVR can decide which language to speak according to caller ID. It can speak carious languages depends on caller ID. The preference is given to customer’s ease by IVR. Using the native language, the customer feel at home and the personalized greeting is used like his first name, greets on birthday to make the caller feel important which is a basic key for developing bonds with the customer also gives a good impression on them.

The Need

However, big or small, for any business it is very unwieldy to respond all phone calls manually, Though some customer calls need human communication, most of them have definite and daily responses that can be answered in an automated way. There is a need to develop a system which improves productivity and user experience whereas reducing cost of responding customer calls. The system should help the customer in performing required tasks anytime and from any area of the world. Your customers can access the needed information just by dialing a number whereas you are not available in office.
Imagine having a telephone banking IVR solutions India that allow you to perform various transactions, including bill payments, account information, money transfer and so on.

IVR Solution

IVR systems can help to take customers to the correct support channel they need. It is an ideal package to create an interactive voice-menu fulfilling your needs in the language of your selection. An interactive voice response solution can accept input from callers, normally in the pressed phone keys, can recognize voice input and decode that into actions.
We provide the Bulk SMS Club IVR solution to access information and perform various tasks using the phone keypad. The IVR system will help you in providing efficient and truly customer oriented services.
IVR solution is the perfect to build an interactive voice menu according to your choice. Have your IVR to make the services more prompt.

IVR Benefits

• You can print and make available only one number for all the departments in your ads and brochures.
• You can impress your callers and improve brand name reputation.
• Outstanding customer fulfillment.
• Picking up the call at the initial ring.
• Provides greetings to the caller in different languages.

IVR Features

IVR systems provide you various features. Some of the features are sound, record, TTS, Excel, DTMF, call transfer, web and conference.

IVR Applications

IVR applications can be increasingly used in Healthcare, Banking, Call centers, Customer Service, Customer Products, Retail Stores, Human Resources, Education, Political Campaigns, Township/County Government, Entertainment, Security and Emergency and various areas. Nowadays, IVR applications are broadly used in India and there are many IVR solution providers in India or IVR Provider, which offer many interactive services to their clients.

Why you need IVR Solutions

1. These solutions are very easy to setup.
2. These are user-friendly.
3. These solutions allow you to automate client support.
4. IVRs provide your customers with a personalized experience.
5. It reduces transfer errors.

Inbound IVR:

An inbound IVR application permits callers to complete virtually any task that can be done by a live agent – all at a very low cost. When a user calls an organization with an inbound interactive voice response system they can be presented with a completely customizable menu system through voice or user input-driven commands. From there the caller is sent to a relevant information or agent. This application is significant to companies big and small that are searching for new techniques to reduce costs and provide excellent customer service.

Outbound IVR:

An Outbound IVR is normally used in an Outbound Contact Center to develop hands-on Outbound Communications. These solutions provide mobile operators with the ease and performance they need from a dialer based on an IVR system. It allows mobile operators to provide simultaneous interactive bulk marketing services via IVR channel. It is a carrier-grade automated mass calling system, which can help in running marketing, informative and polling campaigns. As there are many IVR Service Providers in India available in the market, you may choose the best one from them.

Smart IVR or SIVR:

Smart IVR solution gives your business the power of a complete marketing, sales, and client support solution. You can get industry-leading attributes such as deep database access, call flow customization, in-built security, callbacks, voice recognition, fault-tolerance, scalability, SMS and web integration.

How IVR works

IVR systems are the best example of computer-telephone integration or CTI. The most general method for a phone to communicate with a computer is through the tones produced by every key on the telephonic keypad. These are called as DTMF or dual-tone multi-frequency signals.

Every number key on a telephone produces two similar tones like one low-frequency and another high-frequency. The number one, for instance, produces both a 697-Hz and a 1209-Hz tone that is generally interpreted by the publically switched telephone network as a “1.”

At last, you may also look for hosted IVR solutions and fulfill your business requirements or look for solutions that may cater to all your related needs and satisfy your clients as well.

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