How to set up an SMS gateway?

In this page, we are going to tell you how to set up an SMS gateway. It is an easy process only if you have all the reliable resources. There are many service provider companies which provide SMS gateway and SMS gateway API to send Bulk SMS to a large audience. It is up to you from which you want to take SMS gateway but it is advisable to take it from MSG91 because it is one of the leading service provider company in India.

To set up your own SMS gateway, you will require mobile phone subscription, that comes with a SIM card, SIM card or a GSM modem through which we can send or receive a text message from a PC. Other than this you also need data cable through which you can connect your modem to your computer. Now download and install MSG91 SMS Gateway on your computer. For the set up of an SMS gateway you have to follow following steps:

How to set up an SMS gateway

How to set up an SMS gateway

1. After downloading MSG91 SMS gateway in your computer login the user interface. The user can login user interface in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

2 The login window of the user interface can be accessed at the URL, but usually, it shows at the right-hand side in the window after the installation of the program.

3 You can also open the login window by clicking on the MSG91 program icon in the desktop

4 Then enter your User Name and Password

5 Click on OK button

6 To send SMS messages, you need to install service provider connection, therefore, click on Add service provider link

7 After that list of service provider connection options will appear on your screen.

8 If you want to send or receive SMS using a GSM modem then you have to attach GSM Modem data cable.

9 When the modem has been detected, enter the telephone number and the service provider connection name in the modem to identify the connection.

10 Once you have done all the setup of service provider connection then you can get back to the Management Console interface.

11 Now you are ready to send or receive bulk SMS.

12 Now compose your SMS by clicking on the Compose button in the toolbar

13Then, enter the recipient phone number in international format starting from +.

14 Then click on OK

If your message is successfully sent it means you have successfully set up your SMS gateway