How to Send SMS using C# or .net?

If you want to send SMS via applications than you can easily send it with the help of language. There are many ways through which you can send SMS. Here we mentioned step by step method to send SMS with the help of

Requirements To Send SMS By SMS

* Internet connection

* .Net 4.0 or above

* SMSClient DLL

* Visual Studio 10


*First of all, Create a new C# Windows Application

* Then design your application page having options of phone number, Password, Text Message, Send To etc

* Now click on Add reference then go with Browse and select your SMS client DLL

* Now click on Ok button

* Use the following code to Send SMS by

SendSms sms = new SendSms();
string status = sms.send(textBox1.Text, textBox2.Text, textBox3.Text, textBox4.Text);
if (status == “1”)
MessageBox.Show(“Message Send”);
else if (status == “2”)
MessageBox.Show(“No Internet Connection”);
MessageBox.Show(“Invalid Login Or No Internet Connection”);

You can send SMS in application by many ways in which like:

Using a GSM modem
Using web service:
Using endpoints given by service the provider:
Sending SMS via a web service

Sending SMS via GSM modem

* Purchase best GSM modem that can fulfill your needs.

*Understand the Commands of AT and create a proper set up to communicate with the modem.

* Now connect the modem to the computer according to guidelines that are available in a manual book of the GSM modem. Connection setting of most of the GSM modems is common

* Create Web Application.

* Then add a new class file with the name SMSCOMMS and copy and paste the above code into the class.

Sending SMS via a web service

It is a cost effective solution to send SMS by web service. There are many web services which will allow you to send bulk SMS by using your application. For sending SMS by web service, first of all, you have to API and SMS gateway from service provider companies. It is good to buy API from MSG91 companies which they allow their user to send images while sending SMS. Many service provider companies offer free Bulk SMS service but their services are not that reliable and the delivery rate of their SMS is also poor. So it is good to purchase credits to send SMS to a number of people by using a web service. It is very simple to send SMS by web service with the help of application.
Sending SMS via service provider endpoints

Sending SMS via a service provider

Sending SMS via service provider is just like sending SMS by using a web service. Service providers overs different-different types of SMSCs to send SMS. To use these SMSCs, you have to connect it with SMS gateway otherwise it will take a time to send SMS by an application.
Some service providers provide a sample code that can be used for programming custom applications.

In this way, you can send SMS by using Still, if you found any query then you can drop your query in a comment section.