How to send SMS programmatically in a professional and reliable way?

Nowadays sending SMS has become a common requirement for notifications, alerts and for authentications etc. There are many service provider companies which provide SMS APIs and gateways to send bulk SMS. Anyone can get API to send SMS programmatically in a professional but they have to pay for it.

MSG91 is one of the growing services provider company which provides efficient and reliable services having advanced features. The cost of their API and SMS gateway is very economic as compared to other service providers. Most of the companies provide bulk SMS service free but the don’t promise for the reliability and delivery rate of the SMS. It is good to send SMS programmatically, most of the websites and applications send messages as a part of their scope. Use can use one of the following methods to send SMS:

1 HTTP Web Service

You can use HTTP web service to send bulk SMS that requires HTTP GET method to send a command to the application using an API. It contains all the parameters, text messages and all the credentials. For sending SMS we need SMSCs but service provider companies provide SMSCs on the basis of their communication protocol. It is very difficult to connect SMS channel of different together with same applications, therefore application developers started using SMS gateway which acts as a bridge between web service and application. Due to this SMS can send and receive quickly in a professional and reliable way.

2 Email to SMS

With the help of SMTP protocol, you can send an email is a different format which encodes all the required parameters like sender, receiver, credentials etc. Every email platform offers many features to send Email to SMS. It is very easy to send an email to SMS only you have to enter the SMS gateway address in the same way that you would with an email address. Now compose your message and click on send button. Many service provider companies provide email to SMS gateway. MSG91 is one of the best company which provides the best gateway to send Email to SMS. But there are some limitations in Email to SMS like you cannot send text message more than 160 characters.

You can send it only through Multimedia Message Service if a person who doest not have MMS service on their mobile phone then he can not receive your message. Some carriers also offer email to MMS gateways so that their users can send text message more than 160 characters, so it is good to use MMS gateway instead of an SMS gateway. Through MMS gateway you can send images, a document from one mobile to another phone in a short time.

These are the two ways through which you can send SMS programmatically in a professional and reliable way. If you found any difficulties to send SMS programmatically then you can drop your problem in a comment section.