How to send bulk text SMS?

Bulk text SMS is in trend, now it becomes a central communication tool for organizations and businesses across the globe. There are many platforms are available for bulk SMS, which suits the needs of an individual who wants to take the service of bulk SMS. This service can be implemented in mobile phone applications, web interfaces, software programs or SMS API integration with systems.

How to send bulk text SMS

How to send bulk text SMS

An individual who wants to send bulk SMS from personal computers, then first they need to download software programs. Bulk SMS solution will interface with SMS gateway to ensure the delivery of messages to mobile phone numbers anywhere in the world. MSG91 provides an efficient software program for PC that helps people to send bulk SMS to multiple destinations. With the help of this software, a user can personalize their messaging, scheduling their messages and can link it with external data sources like SQL Server, Outlook, Pastel and other ODBC data sources. MSG91 service provider allows their users to send SMS to larger groups and provides detailed reporting of all SMS.

Bulk SMS is the best way to maintain a communication with existing customers and find a new one. Not only this, Bulk SMS offers high ROI on an affordable budget. In this page, we mentioned step by step procedure to send bulk text SMS:

1 Select the bulk SMS services provider company and buy APT according to your platform. It is advisable to buy API from MSG91 because it is a top most company.

2 Integrate this API in your gateway

3 Buy credits for sending a transitional message and promotional message.

4 Then upload your customer’s contact details and the text message which you want to sent in panel given by service provider company.

5 Then click on send button

6 After sending Bulk SMS, you will receive a delivery report of all SMS.