How to build a bulk SMS sender or VoIP server?

Before telling about how to build an bulk SMS sender or VoIP server we are going to tell you what is what is VoIP server? It is a methodology for the delivery of multimedia sessions and voice communications over the internet. The VoIP server stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and also known as Voice over IP, VoIP, and IP telephony. These terminologies specifically refer to the accouterment of communications services over the public Internet, rather than via the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Bulk SMS is growing rapidly for improving the communication and marketing, It opens a may door for businesses and other entities to reach their customers in an unobtrusive, personal and cost-effective manner. It is profitable to use VoIP server yo send bulk SMS because it allows a user to Send Multimedia SMS from one mobile to another in a short period of time. Because of its universal adoption, it becomes ideal for industries ranging from fast food to healthcare.

How to build a bulk SMS sender or VoIP server

How to build a bulk SMS sender or VoIP server

The VoIP server handles data processing and answers the incoming requests from clients. It also stores hardware resources like storage devices, printers, and processors that are accessible to another computer system. It also helpful in storing data because of its high capacity and a great memory. Its disk storage allows servers to work efficiently even when there are more clients are trying to connect to the server simultaneously. The VoIP Server is the latest type of server, it is also known as IP PBX. This is a telephone system which is used by different businesses. We can add different features in the system like video conference, Interactive Voice Response, and many others. The bandwidth efficiency of VoIP is very high and its cost is low as compared to another server. Now telephone systems in business are changes from traditional copper-wire telephone to VoIP systems to reduce their monthly cost of a phone.

VoIP solutions have evolved into businesses to provide unified communications services that treat all communications devices like phone calls, voice mail, faxes, Web conferences, e-mail and others as a
phone calls, faxes, voice mail, e-mail, Web conferences, and more as a separate units that can delivered message from one device to other by using IP address. The Ozeki Phone System XE is one of the powerful and advanced PBX telephone systems which is used to connect VoIP provider and its service. Currently, Ozeki Phone System XE replaces the old PBX systems.

How VoIP Server works

The VoIP is similar to a proxy server and working technique of both servers is same like:
* Making a call from a VoIP or softphone to a VoIP phone can be done via the Internet.

* Calling an ordinary or mobile phone is done via PSTN

With the help of a VoIP server, you can configure extensions and can set call forward and low-cost VoIP services, like video-calling telephoning, etc.

Things Required to build an bulk SMS sender or VoIP server

* Strong Server Configuration

* Public Switched Telephone Network Connection