How does SMS gateways work?

Short Message Service is the best thing that could happen in the world for sending information quickly. It is a most remarkable way of exchanging in the modern era. Today youth are very fast forward and tech savvy. Advancement in technology not only makes them fascinating with electronic gadgets but also help them to utilize their time in the best manner. Today every youth want to become an engineer so that they can play with codes and can design some creative application for the modernization of nation.

Nowadays, Bulk SMS services are in buzz, people are using this service to boost up their relation with customers and to promote their business worldwide. With the evolvement of technology, now you can use a computer to send bulk SMS and can target large audience according to your business. To send bulk SMS, first, you have to buy SMS gateway from service provider company. It is good to purchase SMS gateway from MSG91 company because they provide efficient service at affordable price. In this article, we will let you know how SMS gateways work.

SMS gateway

SMS gateway

As we know that SMSCs is required to send Bulk SMS but these gateways are designed according to companies by using their own communication protocol. We cannot integrate two SMSCs which do not support common SMSC protocol. To deal with this issue an SMS gateway is placed between two SMSCs. The SMS gateway acts a bridge between the two SMSCs. It connects one SMSC protocol to another one. Because of this, we can use two different wireless carriers to link their SMScs. Besides wireless carriers, a developer who designs SMS application also finds an SMS gateway useful.

For example, you are an application developer, you can use SMSCs of the wireless carriers to send and receive SMS text messages on your server. If you use different SMSCs from different vendors, then your SMS text messaging application may need time to support multiple SMSC-specific protocols. As a result, the complexity of your app increase and your development time increases.To deal with such problem service provider companies started setting up SMS gateway to handle the connections to the SMSCs. Now the SMS messaging application only needs to connect to the SMS gateway. If you want to use multiple SMSCs, you only need to modify the settings of your SMS gateway. You don’t need to change your source code of the SMS text messaging application. It also reduces the development time of SMS text messaging applications.

You can connect SMS gateway with many SMSc protocol such as SMPP and CIMD. Some SMS gateways use HTTP / HTTPS interface because it is easy to use it as compared to SMSC protocols. But if you use SMS gateway with HTTP / HTTPS interface then it will not allow you to send picture messages.

Instead of using a direct connection to the SMSC of a wireless carrier, you can also send and receive SMS text messages through your computer with the help of mobile phone or GSM/GPRS modem. Before doing this, you should know how to communicate with GSM/GPRS modem or mobile phones using AT commands.