How can I send an SMS from Java?

Before telling how to send SMS from Java, I would like to tell you that Bulk SMS is an extensively used as a marketing tool in many countries such as in the USA, UK, French, Brazil, Spain, Russia, Germany, etc. According to marketers nowadays unified internet marketing becomes more important for this marketer needs to develop unified marketing strategies. Here we mentioned how to send an SMS from Java language HTTP is one of the simplest methods to send information from one system to another.

Java language has its inbuilt method calls to submit HTTP requests. Because of this HTTP is a good choice to send SMS to mobile phones. If a person has SMS gateway in their network like Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, then he can easily pass SMS messages to it using HTTP GET or HTTP POST method calls. For this reason, operators are using Java code to send Bulk SMS, this is very simple and efficient method to send data from one application to another.
For sending SMS from Java you must have following things:

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway
Eclipse IDE for Java developers
Java SE Development Kit


If you are a JAVA developer then you should know how to install Java SE Development Kit on your computer and you probably use Eclipse IDE. To send SMS messages, first, you need to define a new JAVA class and write a proper Java code in it to send Bulk SMS. You also need to install Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software and configure an HTTP Server user. After creating HTTP Server user, you will provide a username and password. You can also change username and password in the source code when you have defined the HTTP Server user in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.