Email to SMS in PHP

It is quite simple to send E-mails to SMS by using object-oriented PHP library. Nowadays, many people are using E-mail-to-SMS gateway for sending bulk text messages for promoting their business.

Before using this library function, it is important to learn that it is a library, not an application, that means it can not do any task on its own. First, you have sent a command that it start working. E-mail-to-SMS library function will work as third-party components for your existing website or application that allow a user to send SMS from user’s code.

It is very cost effective to send bulk messages by using Email to SMS library only you have to pay something to their carriers. But there are some limitations in using this library function like a message that the user will send comes from their email address, not from their contact number and they can only send 160 characters message by using this library function. Because of all these reasons, E-mail to SMS in PHP is somewhat unreliable as messages first send mail to the carrier’s gateway then they resend all the messages as text messages.

If you want to send text messages to a few people, then Email to SMS is a good option but for bulk SMS it is not good to use this library function. Presently, text SMS has become one of the widely use methods for promotion and because of this number of web applications are integrated with SMS API to send notifications to users about the events, coupons, sales directly with the help of mobile devices. Here we mentioned some basic steps to send messages by using Email to SMS in PHP

* Create and import contacts in a server

* The wireless network’s domain name

* Add a link to your SMS and email

* Connect SMS gateway with minimal configuration

To send a text at any number than simply add to any email client then type a message and click on send button.