Cheapest way to send SMS for number verification?

Nowadays, every website or companies sent OTP for the mobile number verification of their customers/clients. It is quick and safest way to know whether the customer is genuine or not.

Mobile number verification is an also used for security purpose and most of the banks, E-commerce sites, and other service based companies uses this method for customer authentication.

There are many companies which provide the cheapest SMS for number verification. Most of the customers are concerned about three main points:

1) Instant delivery of OTP message

2) 24*7 customer support from the service provider

3) Flexible API for the automation of messages

As we all know, competition between service based companies are increasing day my day and almost they are offering the same kind of services. To attract the attention of customers they offer exciting pricing on the behalf of their services. The bulk SMS provider companies provide the API for sending One-Time Password SMS automatically through a website. Most of the security agencies, payment gateways, Banks, Android apps and other things are taking this kind of services for the authentication of user’s.

The bulk SMS provider companies offer free multi-platform service which allows application developers to verify the mobile number in their applications. As compared to SMS based OTP verification, missed call technology for verification is much cheaper.

To reduce the cost of bulk SMS, use API that can support a different kind of platforms such as Android, IOS, Web, Windows and many more. These companies also provide one real-time reporting API which can push the verified user’s details to the users for supporting them.