Build an own SMS Gateway

Setting up your own SMS gateway is a very difficult task because you need a proper setup and your own telecom company. The overall cost for building own SMS gateway is quite high but still, if you want to build it than in this article we will tell you a whole procedure to create it. There are few good .net components that are used as part of an application to service setup. There are many service provider companies which provide API to integrate SMS gateway in the computer system. To send bulk SMS with the help of SMS gateway, first of all, you have to create an application or site that can communicate with a service.

Almost all SMS gateway servers come with a frontend to send single and bulk SMS. It mostly manages connections to different SMSC’s and to manage clients account credits and their SMS sending. To built an own SMS gateway, follow following steps:

There are two types through which you can set up your own SMS system:

1 SMPP SMS Gateway server and HTTP Web SMS client software
2 Web SMS software only

In this page, we describe the process to built up an SMS Gateway through SMPP SMS Gateway server and HTTP Web SMS client software.

Build an own SMS Gateway

Build an own SMS Gateway

1 Create a User account with the help of HTTP API that comes with your SMS gateway.
HTTP user account contain Host/IP, Username, Password, and Credits

2 Now connect your SMS client to the SMS gateway by entering username and password. Otherwise, tell your developer to integrate your SMS gateway HTTP API into that SMS client.

For example:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<!DOCTYPE smsapi PUBLIC “-//OZEKI//DTD XML 1.0//EN” “”>
<statusmessage>Message accepted for delivery</statusmessage>

All the above-mentioned procedure and code will help you to successfully build an own SMS Gateway. Still, if you found any query reading how to built an own SMS gateway and drop your query in a comment box. We will try to resolve your problem as soon as possible.